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Vlad Tepes - War Funeral March LP

Vlad Tepes - War Funeral March LP

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(Description from Drakkar)

Brand new 2023 reissue of the 1994 Demo, “War Funeral March” by french entity VLAD TEPES distills the essence of misanthropic hate that was worldwide spread by the Black Legions almost 30 years ago.
In this 5 tracks album, Wlad Drakksteim managed to mix crunchy and surprisingly groovy guitar riffs with weird and vicious growling vocals. Tracks like “Returning To My Old Battlegrounds” or “War Funeral March” are definitely a perfect example of VLAD TEPES‘s various and prolific discography.
For Fans of Les Legions Noires productions, Mütiilation, Torgeist or Belkètre

Comes in a 3mm cardboard jacket with a 2 sides printed innerbag with lyrics, an A3 poster and a black 12″ vinyl. 2023 Drakkar Productions release

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