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Undergang – De syv stadier af fordærv LP

Undergang – De syv stadier af fordærv LP

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Second Press/ Red Vinyl.

Danish Death Metal legends Undergang are showing no signs of slowing down, with a brand new MLP featuring 7 pieces of ugly rotten death. The bands signature mix of neanderthalic drumming and stringy phlegm-like riffs is instantly recognisable to any Death Metal fan. Equally so is David’s signature vomit-snarled vocals, all of which immediately will grip you with the fist of festering decay from the earliest points. Although primal and disgusting as ever, Undergang have always had a penchant for including gloomy moments betwixt their rot churning disdain. This new material has plenty of those disgusting dynamics which throw a superb stench into the air with remorseless instrumental fury and equally unsavoury vocals, taking everything that made the Death Metal of old great and plunging it furiously into the carcass of today like a rusted knife designed to open seeping sores and spray pus forth upon all within the vicinity. The pulverising putrescence does not relent…

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