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Sarcofago - Die... Hard!!! CD

Sarcofago - Die... Hard!!! CD

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(Description from Greyhaze)

After years of intense bootlegging, Sarcofago has finally received an official release containing all of their demos. DIE HARD is the only official account of Sarcofago's demo material. It contains all of the band's official demos. It includes material that had never before been made available, such as the band's very first demo recording, going through demo material recorded for "Rotting" and "The Laws of Scourge." This 6-panel digipak CD includes a 16-page booklet..


1- Intro da Satanas

2- Satanas

3- Nightmare

4- Third Slaughter

5- Intro da Satanas

6- Satanas

7- Nightmare

8- Third Slaughter

9- Intro

10- Satanas

11- Nightmare

12- Third Slaughter

13-  The Black Vomit

14- INRI

15- Christ's Death

16- Desecration of Virgin

17- Satanic Lust

18- Alcoholic Coma

19- Secrets of a Window

20- Satanic Lust (Instrumental)

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