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Rotting Christ - Abyssic Black Metal LP

Rotting Christ - Abyssic Black Metal LP

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Description from Peaceville:

Abyssic Black Metal compiles Rotting Christ's early works and features the classic Satanas Tedeum demo from 1989, which paved the way for the band’s melodic and atmospheric style of Black Metal.
Also included is the Ade's Winds demo, plus 1992's Dawn of the Iconoclast EP, along with the band's contribution to the split release with Italy's Monumentum (Feast of the Grand Whore from 1991).
Vinyl with printed inner sleeve and rare cover art from the band's early years.
Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ formed in 1988, with their early demo recordings containing strong grindcore elements as the band quickly evolved their style into something altogether darker. Spearheaded by brothers Sakis & Themis Tolis, Rotting Christ have remained one of the strongest and most respected forces in the Black Metal scene since their debut release Passage of Arcturo. Their legacy towards greatness was cemented even further by the genre classic follow-up ‘hy Mighty Contract, helping to firmly establish the Greek scene as being among the most essential Black Metal movements of the early 1990s. 
‘Abyssic Black Metal’ compiles the cult early works of the band, primarily featuring the classic ‘Satanas Tedeum’ demo from 1989, which paved the way for Rotting Christ’s melodic and atmospheric style of black metal. 
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