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Nocturnus - The Key CD

Nocturnus - The Key CD

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Official FDR Digipak reissue

(Description from Earache)

Originally released in 1990, 2020 marks the 30th anniversary for this much sought-after debut album from the Florida Death Metal pioneers. 'The Key' is without doubt a classic debut album. Genre defying, enthralling and addictive. It laid the foundations for death metal today.

Pioneeriing the use of keyboard and themes of the occult mixed with Sci-fi. A concept album, The Key is entwined with occult/meets sci-fi and follows the story of a cyborg who travels back in time to assassinate Jesus Christ which leads to the destruction of humanity. Climaxing in the controversial track 'Destroying the Manger'.

Track listing:

1. Lake of Fire

2. Standing in Blood

3. Visions from Beyond the Grave

4. Neolithic

5. Undead Journey

6. Before Christ/After Death

7. Andromeda Strain

8. Droid Sector

9. Destroying the Manger

10. Empire of the Sands

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