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Ixtlahuac - Tekuyotl De La Yaotlachinoli LP

Ixtlahuac - Tekuyotl De La Yaotlachinoli LP

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Guacamole green vinyl

(Description from NWN)
IXTLAHUAC emerged in 2018 from San Leandro, CA and Medellin, Colombia. Drawing on influences of classic black and death metal, IXTLAHUAC establishes their own unique handle of the genre with grandiose and sweeping song structures, unorthodox instrumentation, and forlorn guitar meditations that all serve to brace the overwhelming power of this 2nd full-length offering. Tension runs deep here, with each track offering a tightly composed series of movements that suggest a dramaturgical vision from their creators. A suffocating atmosphere sets the tone, with raw analog recording that brings to mind the best of the LLN hordes.

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