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Hells Headbangers

Impiety - Versus All Gods LP

Impiety - Versus All Gods LP

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12" Gatefold LP on Red Galaxy Vinyl w/ Poster
(Description from Hells Headbangers)
EVIL DEAD PRODUCTION is proud to present IMPIETY's long-awaited ninth album, Versus All Gods, on CD and vinyl LP formats. U.S. distribution handled by Hells Headbangers. All copies pressed on red galaxy vinyl in gatefold cover with poster.

By now, IMPIETY should need no introduction. Since 1990, led by the iron fist of founding vocalist/guitarist Shyaithan, IMPIETY have stood for uncompromising black/death warfare. And while the band's roots in Singapore have grown to encompass a number of lineups across international waters, the band's fierce 'n' fiery sound has always stood firm: total and utter savagery, delivered with the swiftest execution!

IMPIETY have not been idle since the release of their last full-length, 2012's aptly titled Ravage & Conquer: a hefty handful of splits, live albums, compilations, and 2013's well-received The Impious Crusade EP courtesy of HELLS HEADBANGERS, as well as countless shows across the world. IMPIETY's crusade continues unabated with another aptly titled album: Versus All Gods, which says everything it needs to! Immediately and unmistakably IMPIETY, Versus All Gods blasts forth with unrelenting barbarity and insanity, but here finds Shyaithan and crew at their tightest yet, with some truly demented soloing courtesy of new guitarist Djinn. It's a statement of intent spoken in chainsawed tongues, punctuated with the force of a heat-seeking missile; it's the sound of defying and destroying the concept of "age," of sticking to one's guns and unloading that arsenal upon all doubters.

Neither strictly black metal nor death metal, IMPIETY once again deliver a thermonuclear warhead of sound that's theirs and theirs alone: no quarter given, and no trends recognized! This is the official worldwide release of Versus All Gods - this is IMPIETY fucking VERSUS ALL GODS!

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