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Buried by Time and Dust

Genocide - The Stench of Burning Death compilation LP (used)

Genocide - The Stench of Burning Death compilation LP (used)

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They began going by the name Genocide in June 1984 after having gone by the name Ultraviolence, which was a 5-piece that played cover songs. All of the recorded Genocide material was included in the 2003 double-disc reissue of Repulsion's Horrified, as well as two unreleased live tracks recorded May 14th, 1986. The last Genocide lineup is the first Repulsion lineup.

- Issued with huge 12"-sized booklet.
- Tracks 1-12 taken from the 1986 The Stench of Burning Death demo.
- Tracks 13-16 are 1986 The Stench of Burning Death demo outtakes taken from undisclosed sources
- Tracks 17-22 taken from the 1985 Violent Death demo.
- Tracks 23-25 taken from the 1984 Toxic Metal demo.

Condition: VG+/VG+ play tested, no issues. 

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