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Drawn and Quartered - To Kill is Human CD

Drawn and Quartered - To Kill is Human CD

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(Description from Moribund)

Official reissue of the long out of print debut album by the NW Death Metal Legends, Lim Ed 500 copies!

Pacific NW Death Metal Legends DRAWN AND QUARTERED are a veritable institution. With 8 studio albums, a DVD, live Album and Ep’s under their bullet belts, they have cultivated a huge and rabid international fan base through their 30+ year career!

Moribund records are proud to reissue their debut album “To Kill is Human”, originally released by the label in 2000, and out of print since 2014! Invulnerable to both time and trends Drawn and Quartered have sharpened and re-sharpened their dark, foreboding craft for over 3 decades and continue to record and dominate audiences globally!

Press: “Decimates everything in its path" ~Explicitly Intense

* Official reissue of Drawn And Quartered’s rare, out of print debut album!
* Features a killer production courtesy of Vagrant Studios, Seattle, WA!
* Mastered at Master Works (Whores Of Babylon, Beast)!
* Brilliant cover art by cult artist Gabriel Byrne (Serpens Aeon, Blood Ritual).
* Mandatory for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Autopsy, Incantation, Grave & Nile!

Track Listing:
1. Ministry of Torture (2:34)
2. Machete Bloodbath (2:55)
3. The Hills Run Red (2:25)
4. Open Mind (4:08)
5. Carnal Copulation (0:47)
6. To Kill Is Human (2:36)
7. Implements of Hell (5:32)
8. Christian Extinction (3:22)
9. Broken on the Wheel (3:56)
10. Punishment of Burning Torment (2:20)
11. Mangled Beyond Recognition (3:03)

Total Play Time: 33:43

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