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Dipygus - Dipygus cassette tape

Dipygus - Dipygus cassette tape

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(Description from Headsplit Records)

[HSR424] Dipygus s/t cassette out now from Headsplit Records!

The third atrocity from cryptid death freaks Dipygus. This cassette comes housed in an O-card featuring even more visual horror for the listener to accompany the music within. A prime cut of raw and grueling terror, it was fit for consumption by headhunters, body-snatchers, toad-venom junkies, cargo cultists, aquatic ape theorists, disaster tourists, carriers of tropical disease, voodoo practitioners and orgone revivalists only. All others having since been warned, Dipygus return to time primordial with an elegantly self-titled third album. Suitably graced with evocative cover art courtesy of Hayden Hall, Dipygus thrusts the helpless listener into a psychedelic jungle of grisly delights. At 10 songs in 41 minutes, the quartet qualify their most lengthy recording yet with maximum delirium and characteristically crushing execution. Everything here feels massive -tone, feel, supernatural aura- yet somehow simultaneously exhibits a spacious quality that´s unsettling to the Nth degree. Perhaps that´s due to Dipygus´ increasingly twisted songwriting, neither "tech" nor improvisatory, but a certain "elevated caveman" aspect that pushes primitivism toward mind-bending ends. Fleeting-yet-haunting leads also play a part in Dipygus´ menagerie of malodorousness, exacerbating the psychotic reactions in their humid, hellish jungle, and even touches of way-back synths get mangled within, melting into the fuckton heaviness of Dipygus´ riffing. Ever wanna hear the most tripped-out moments of Autopsy, Impetigo and especially Nuclear Death taken to their ILLogicial conclusion? Then enter Dipygus´ self-titled album... if you dare!


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