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Cut - Vanquish the Weak LP

Cut - Vanquish the Weak LP

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Description from NWN!:




  • Split release with GoatowaRex
  • Tip-on casewrapped jacket with obi strip
  • 12" insert
  • Heavy vinyl

Hailing from the ancient Chinese city of Taiyuan, CUT is the tri-headed hellhound summoned by invocator Ironthorn L. and Providence Zon, a bastard breed of imperial species such as Archgoat, Demoncy and Beherit, CUT descent to reap the masses of those it finds weary and weak. Unleashing via the iron alliance of Nuclear War Now! and GoatowaRex, it’s eight chaptered debut full-length incantation, Vanquish the Weak, in fast fear of poison fueled missile spears forever aimed at the heart of the holy.

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