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Me Saco Un Ojo

Cryptworm - Spewing Mephitic Putridity LP

Cryptworm - Spewing Mephitic Putridity LP

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The filthiest sewers of England have sprung a new fetid leak in the form of CRYPTWORM’s debut full length. From its opening cascades of suitably chunky riffs and vocal offal to the boisterously bouncing drums, each sense can be truly repulsed as the stench (and worse yet, flavour) of rotten viscera fills the air through a sonic spew of sputum. Taking their previously lower tempos into 2022, their is also a gnarly range of drumming that picks up into hammering blasts to ensure the skull is totally obliterated had it somehow survived the relentless headbanging grooves.

Through the album we see the rib-splitting heaviness grow as each of the fantastically ferocious elements of the bands 2 EP’s and split seem to be pushed further into overdrive. The faster parts are even more frantic, the slower parts more drudging and the crawling mids ooze slimy soundscapes that only the most vomitous snarls could penetrate them. Primitive yet full of dynamics (though only the most grotesque ones), this is Death Metal that will have every orifice in ecstatic convulsions as the cadaver mutates to the rhythmic destruction throughout.

The alliance of Cryptworm with Me Saco Un Ojo and Pulverised has proven once again to unleash some of the dirtiest Death Metal to exhume England’s mausoleums and pull the rest of the globe in with them.

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