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Profound Lore

Cruciamentum - Obsidian Refractions LP

Cruciamentum - Obsidian Refractions LP

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Black vinyl

(Description from Profound Lore)

Packaged in a gatefold jacket w/download card included

Track Listing:
1. Charnel Passages
2. Abhorrence Evangelium
3. Necropolis Of Obsidian Mirrors
4. Scorn Manifestation
5. Interminable Rebirth Of Abomination
6. Drowned

“Obsidian Refractions” Vinyl Editions:

  • Blue Vinyl w/Gold Marble Swirl
  • Eco Mix Vinyl (PLEASE NOTE: Eco Mix vinyl is when random colours get mixed together, product image may differ from finished product)
  • Black Vinyl

Eight years following their debut LP “Charnel Passages” (one of the most anticipated death metal debuts of current death metal cannon), US-via-UK abyssic death metal contingent CRUCIAMENTUM have finally emerged with their sophomore LP “Obsidian Refractions” set for release on Nov 24.

Now more commanding than ever with a formidable new lineup, “Obsidian Refractions” sees CRUCIAMENTUM deliver their most advanced, demanding and overpowering work yet. Taking everything in the band’s death metal paradigm to the next sonic measure beyond anything the band have previously released, “Obsidian Refractions” combines the very essence and aesthetic of ancient cult death metal while encapsulating the dynamic, complex, next-level affectations relevant in today’s death metal landscape. The darkness and resonating unequivocal uncompromising evil and magnitude surrounding “Obsidian Refractions” also builds upon the CRUCIAMENTUM aura of dark death metal majesty, combined with the progressive, savage and complex yet aggressive substance of the album through the unrelenting and ever tectonic-shifting riff assault, “Obsidian Refractions” is a modern death metal monument unparalleled.

Featuring artwork by David Glomba, “Obsidian Refractions” was mixed by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at Priory Recording Studios, and mastered by D. Lowndes at Resonance Sound.

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