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Hells Headbangers

Krisiun - Apocalyptic Revelation LP

Krisiun - Apocalyptic Revelation LP

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KRISIUN - Apocalyptic Revelation (12" Gatefold LP) on ORANGE/BEER/BLACK SPLATTER
Brazil | Brutal Death

(Description from Hells Headbangers)
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present KRISIUN’s classic second album, Apocalyptic Revelation, on vinyl LP format again. Pressed on  orange/beer swirl vinyl w/ black splatter, black vinyl and only 100 copies on picture disc. All variants come in a gatefold cover.

KRISIUN require no introduction. For over 30 years now, the power-trio have come to define Brazilian death metal, and are among the country’s most renown and influential bands – rivaling the likes of Sarcofago and early Sepultura, even. However, it is KRISIUN’s first three albums – Black Force Domain, Apocalyptic Revelation, and Conquerors of Armageddon – that are the band’s most legendary recordings, unmatched and unrivalled in their extremity, intensity, and sheer evil. KRISIUN continue to be an unstoppable force to this day, but this unholy trilogy of albums remains the band’s most beloved, and for good reason.

Originally released in 1998, Apocalyptic Revelation was the sound of KRISIUN finessing the raw savagery of their widely celebrated Black Force Domain debut into a simply stunning display of crush and clarity. Indeed, to ever call into question the trio’s aims is to call into question one’s own definition of death metal: with an uptick in production values, KRISIUN here soundly defied any insinuations of “sellout” and seared the listener with the machinations of Hell itself grinding to a pulp all who dared face its characteristically overwhelming onslaught. And while that cult debut devilishly displayed the band’s enviable chops across the most evil of soundfields, KRISIUN’s increasingly prolific touring during this period made their execution a thing of breathtaking barbarity.Apocalyptic Revelation, simply put, made absolute EVIL clearer and more devastating.

Longtime fans of KRISIUN’s classic early work, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to conspire with the band to bring back Apocalyptic Revelation on vinyl format for the first time in nearly a decade. Experience the legend the way it was meant to be heard – on vinyl, straight from the underground!

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